Any path that we desire to take, will eventually lead us to a parchment, opening a story, painting, or a scene.

Thank You!

We can push a heavy lid, and take a little peek.

Your passages and words
combine inside my beating heart,
constructing a tunnel of emotions,
a corridor with many doors.

Each door contains a heavy golden chest.
That gleaming safe protects the treasures,
cherished by the heart and soul.

It contains an old parchment scroll
filled with stories of adventure and ambition,
a path that we can take,
on this journey
through the time and weather outside.

We can push a heavy lid
and take a little peek.

a parchment paints a picture of one evening,
a caramel beach,
like a toffee for an eye,
sweetening the vision of life.

The perfect grains of sand
caressed by ocean waters,
reflecting rays of the setting sun,
filtering the image on the scroll
adding sleepy orange shade.

Another parchment tells a story
of the neon lights and busy streets.
Music, people, flashing signs,
so much life up in my sight.
It’s a story of a constant motion,
sometimes lacks a bit emotion.

Every parchment is a story,
very human and unique.
Unlock the door to read your tale,
what secrets can it tell?

Open your parchment.

Please let me know what you think of the poem on Twitter @FischerVladimir

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