Spirit Flame.

That light shines in all of us. The main objective is too keep adding fuel, so it will not extinguish before it’s time.

Thank You!

Search for the key, hidden well inside the mind.”

So light,
like a tiny feather of the dove.

Spirit travels through the realms of sky above
in a quest to find freedom,
for a mind and body down below.

In a maze of vessels in the heart,
the flame of spirit,
bounces with each beat,
invading pathways and the tunnels,
melting down the solid frost
created by the darkness of the fear.

The winds of life are challenging the spirit flame,
blowing at it
with whole might,
opinions, rejections,
a whole snowstorm of depression,
spiked with the poison of a lie.

Search for the key,
hidden well inside the mind.
It unlocks the heavy door,
heading straight towards the flame.
Add some fuel to its core,
a couple of logs, few branches to its side.

No task extinguishing the tiny candle,
try taking out a wildfire,
armed by melting snowflakes of rejection.

Keep the light on

Please let me know what you think of the poem on Twitter @FischerVladimir

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