Angry Storm.

If a boat voyage can be compared to the journey of life then, we can compare the sea storm to an unexpected life event that sends our life on a different trajectory.

Thank You!

The boat can’t handle any longer.

A wall of living rain,
divided peace and storm,
separating life and struggle,
into contrasting realms of nature,
ruled over by the children of the same parent.

The black, deep waters,
underneath a thin sheet of foreign wood,
boiled in anger,
disgusted by the tiny boat,
like it’s some insect in the soup.

The rain kept falling,
on top of wild, salty waters.
It’s threatening to fill the ocean up,
until the roof of the sky,
drowning breathing creatures.

The boat can’t handle any longer.
Its captain lays quietly on deck,
face soaked in freezing water,
fate sealed by the power of the wind.

The vessel makes its last attempt,
to fly away from the angry storm,
but crashes loudly,
against the monument of stone,
sharp edges to the side.

Even something grand as a powerful storm has its timely end.

Please let me know what you think of the poem on Twitter @FischerVladimir

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