Photo by Annie Spratt

Nature provides us with life and solace. This poem trying to show the other side of nature that we often forget about.

Thank you!

“It gives us life, takes it back…”

Stretched leather,
Seating tightly,
On the bony waist,
Holding closely all the dignity that’s left.

Loose fabric,
On the jelly skin,
Letting in the cold breeze of hungry winter.
Wind biting bones,
Through solid flesh.

Signs of struggle on the face.
It’s not the beast that has taken this life.
Nature had its way with it.
The most exemplar of killers,
Torturer of inquisition,
Watching calmly as you die.

Behind virginity and beauty,
Hides evil monster,
Nemesis of our story on this land.

It gives us life and takes it back,
If we dare to take the wrong turn,
During hike up in the wild.

Often beauty shadowed by corrupt,
Too often evil seems alluring.
Chaos, order, and a lone tear,
Sliding down,
The frozen patches of the skin.

Two sides of the coin.

Please let me know what you think of the poem on Twitter @FischerVladimir

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