Quiet String.

Photo by Johanna Vogt

Search for meaning. It’s a powerful engine for us. Each has a different purpose, different stories to tell. After hearing them, think, life is not so tragic.

Thank you!

Architect and a master, compete together, through the distance of the time

Narrow pathways stretch up into the heavens,
To reach the final destination,
Above the maze of questions,
Filled with curiosity and doubt.

The tones of quiet string,
Travel distance through the air,
Along the path up to the sky,
Seeking shelter from the noise bellow,
In search of peace from its concern.

All the pain of loss, disaster,
Can be heard through gentle sounds,
In the hands of a simple creature,
Commanding over soil and water.

Like a tiny ant in the greatest painting,
It searches for the meaning,
Surrounded by the greatness of the picture.

Architect and a master,
Compete together,
Through the distance of the time.

What projects can he conclude,
Before ceding competition to the next?

Gentle sound of quiet string.

Please let me know what you think of the poem on Twitter @FischerVladimir

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