Many people often shocked by how cruel life is. It is true. However, lets not forget, that it is how this world was built. Almost everything in life has ingredient of pain. The goal is to scale this chaos and order for optimal being.

Thank you!

Tension in the clouds, created thunder

We were born in a blaze,
Smelted by the fire of Earth,
Made solid through the winds of power.

Tension in the clouds,
Created thunder,
Sending crystal drops of rain,
Down on cracks of the dry land.

Collected water on the ground,
Designed a stream of liquid,
That followed quickly down the slope,
Drowning tiny inspects on the way.

The river was attractive to the beast.
Weakling calf,
Bowed down,
To take a sip of the lucid gift from heaven,
Little did the creature know,
That he’s a present for the tiger,
With eerie, shining eyes
Filled with a hunger for the flesh.

All this called life,
An endless circle,
Filled with birth and joy,
Tension, struggle.
Just find the balance in the chaos,
Unify archaic scale.

Balance chaos and order.

Please let me know what you think of the poem on Twitter @FischerVladimir

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