Chain of Wisdom.

Photo by Vishnu Prasad

Let’s cherish the sacrifices made by the generations before, so our lives would be as easy as they are today.

Let me hold that golden chain, that sets the whole universe in motion

Mighty words,
Performed the ancient tango,
Inside the heads of clever people.

The wisest of the men,
Passed their knowledge,
Down the stairs of generations,
Cementing beauty in our soul.

This beauty present with us all,
Sawn inside the very fabric of our skin,
Reminding us of times long gone,
Our mission on this soil
And a heavy warning for the future,
That could be lost,
Inside the firework of pleasures,
That deafen ear of modern human.

Let me hold that golden chain,
That sets the whole universe in motion,
Connecting patterns of the stars,
And built the monuments that last.

We are mere children,
Cradled by the time,
Protected from the fire
And the dangers of the night.

The vegetable tastes bitter,
When given by a parent.
A flavor of the candy,
So much sweeter on the tongue.

The simple sound of the violin,
Gets canceled in the ears,
When the sky lights up,
In colorful explosions,
Scaring animals and birds…

The vegetable tastes bitter, when given by a parent.

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