Power of the Word.

Photo by Aaron Burden

This poem was inspired by the legendary novel, “Fahrenheit 451”. It was the first time I read this book. I could have got my hands on it way before, but funny enough, I would not be allowed to read this timeless classic in my community. Enjoy this power of the word.

Requires burning, worship.

Ink on paper,
Waltz of the black line,
Splitting joy and sorrow

Amusing figures on the parchment,
Given life by our meaning.

They bring humor, happiness.
Sometimes they make us suffer,
When reading bitter tale.

Power of the written word,
Accompanied the humans,
Leading us, like a heavy torch,
Through the smoke of history.

Losers signed treaties of the peace,
Giving lands and wealth to the stronger foe.

That line still dancing,
Looking back at the beaten soul,
Creating waves on a yellow scroll,
As well as in their hearts.

Sharper than a butchers knife,
Smooth as Eastern silk,
Dangerous and soothing.
Requires burning, worship.

Power of the Word.

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