Blanket Made of Stars.

Photo by Jeff Nissen 

A little poem about how stars have affected humans throughout the years of our short history on this planet.

We try to imitate the beauty, and dance around bonfires.

Night Sky dotted with the sparkles.
Pretty memoir of times long gone,
Covering the ancient tombs and structures,
Like a charming blanket made of stars.

They dance together through the night,
Creating perfect patterns.
The music, – Sounds of the forest,
The stage, – Whole universe bellow. 
While we,
The lowly creatures,
Are lucky audience of this grand concerto. 

We try to imitate the beauty,
And dance around bonfires.
We beat the drums until they break,
And blow the horns of the ceremony. 

Sometimes we make the sacrifices to the stars,
Like living beings and some formal items. 
But stars need no lamb or human to satisfy their needs. 
They only want to dance. 

We got it all so very wrong.
The sacrifice,
Is our time and effort.

Only those who sacrifice these things,
Will find the favor of the stars. 

The sacrifice is our time and effort.

Please let me know what you think of the poem on Twitter @FischerVladimir

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