Darkness of the Night.

Photo by Meireles Neto 

Wanted to write a little shout-out to the beauty of our planet. Unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to visit nature often, but it is definitely on my list for the future.

Invite the beast of the forest or the poison of a man?

A day was moving closer to the night.
A tired sun was slowly setting,
Over pointy tops of forest trees.

Time to pack this tiny camp,
Or warm-up for the night?

Invite the beast of the forest,
Or the poison of a man?

A gleam of stars,
Illuminate the path before me,
Warn me of the dangers,
Lurking in the dark.

I look up into heavens,
And see dark clouds,
Spreading over a sheet of the sky,
Like spiderweb up the empty ceiling

Then everything got quiet.
Birds stopped chirping their songs,
No more chatter on the ground,
A sense of calmness and some peace,
Filled the souls of living creatures.

I look up,
Stretching muscles of old neck.
Tiny snowflakes,
Melting on my face,
Millions of them,
Falling calmly on the land.

Each snowflake is bearing the imprint of the star.
Filling land with the crispy matter.

Melting stars,
Combine down on the ground,
Create a puffy cloud,
Slightly tingling with cold.

I think I’ll make another fire here,
Warm those bones and flesh a little.
This is the safest place
To calm my soul,
During the darkness of the night.

Just take the moment to feel the nature.

Please let me know what you think of the poem on Twitter @FischerVladimir

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