The Scribe.

This poem talks about, how individual thought can make our world a tiny bit better as it did throughout history so many times.

Instead of a mighty sword, he wields his plastic pen.

He is just a scribe,
Prisoner of thoughts, emotions.
Instead of a mighty sword,
He wields his plastic pen.
Shielded from attacks,
By thinnest sheet of paper.

He expressed the words,
That were given birth,
In depths of his imagination. 

He tells the story of his truth,
The world,
The way he feels it.

That’s all his warfare,
His struggle and pain.
In search of life itself,
Like did so many,
Mightier than him,

He’s part of an ancient order,
That teaches individuality of thought.
That your opinion should always matter,
When you decide upon your life. 
Your voice is important and unique,
Don’t let the crowd,
Decide your feelings and your words.

Is it really good for me?
Not because we selfish,
We ask this question every day.
It is,
The holy right,
Of every human,
To lead the life they choose.
Breaking highest boundaries,
Set by tribal thought and dogma.

A right of every person.

Please let me know what you think of the poem on Twitter @FischerVladimir

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