Metal, Oil, and Rust.

The poem came out to be completely different than what I anticipated first. Most likely the meaning of this version is better than what it could have been.

Like a simple screw, to keep a metal ship afloat.

Buzzing in my body,
Through the wires of my veins.

The time is flowing,
Clock exhilarating,
Like a tired hamster in a wheel.

Enjoy this race,
The finest progress,
Of the people,
Made especially for you.

You keep fighting for your breath,
But must keep running
After lighting,
Before the thunder hits.

Phone ringing,
Cracking silence,
Like metal axes breaking wood.
Reminding you to hurry,
Before you miss your turn.

Like a simple screw,
To keep a metal ship afloat.

Got worn out?
Get swapped out!
The crew likes efficiency and order.

Just hold this flower in my hand,
Feel it’s origins alive.
You see the fields,
Right by the creek,
Chilly mountains in the distance.

No rushing here,
A simple stroll will do,
Like it was meant to be,
Always was,
Before the metal, oil, and rust.

A simple stroll will do.

Please let me know what you think of the poem on Twitter @FischerVladimir

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