Lazy Lad.

Photo by Pongsawat Pasom

I was writing Lazy Lad, as a constant reminder to myself about the danger of being sloth. I am sure many other people, will see their silhouettes, while reading this poem.

I close my eyes, start sinking to the cloud, losing link with gravitation, feeling emptiness and peace.

Early morning,
First day of the week.
It’s getting rather cozy,
On softest feather pillow.

Everything around,
Telling me to stay.
Even good cat Jimmy,
Snugged between my feet.

Outside the window,
Filled with no emotion,
I push myself to take a peek
And plummet straight back to the bed.

Dark thoughts start entering my mind,
Why me?
Why must I suffer?
Why the world so cruel?
Where is the justice?
I ask myself these questions,
Searching for the answers,
That nobody can give.

I close my eyes,
Start sinking to the cloud,
Losing link with gravitation,
Feeling emptiness and peace.

I see shapes and figures,
A whole universe of color,
Bridges made of stone,
Connecting in some ancient dance.

I’m in the palace,
Golden paintings on the wall,
Servants rushing through the door,
Fulfilling my desires.

I’m most diligent of workers,
When eating juicy grapes.
This profession suits me well,
Where do I sign up?

I was made for easy life,
Eating, drinking, sleeping.
At least I’m truthful and honest,
Regarding my best traits.

I started feeling,
Time slipping from my hands.
Exquisite foods evaporated,
Palace disappeared.

Gravity returned,
Like a heavy load on builders back.
In deepest shock,
I force my eyes wide open,
Grab my phone to see the time,
But across the screen,
Instead of time,
Message from the boss,
You fired, lazy lad.

The dangers of the sloth,
Come from the damage to oneself.
Trading diligence for pleasure,
Cannot be a perfect deal,
We stagnate and start to suffer,
On the path of life ahead.

Lazy Lad and the dangers of sloth.

Please let me know what you think of the poem on Twitter @FischerVladimir

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