Brother’s Tale.

Brother’s Tale is a little bit mystical but very true to each of us. The time will come when our pride will be a mere memory. The goal is to leave something concrete behind.

Oh Lord! Why did you take him? He shouted at the sky, but only sounds of nature, responded to his cry.

The day was bright and merry,
The flowers blossomed in the sun,
Some leaves are falling from the trees,
The birds are singing hymns.

Then I see a figure,
Unnatural in here.
He had a tailored suit,
Some funny looking hat on top,
And shiny, shiny leather shoes.

He took his hat,
And threw it on the grass,
He then went down his knees,
And stretched his hands above.

Oh Lord!
Why did you take him?
He shouted at the sky,
But only sounds of nature,
Responded to his cry.

I know, I know,
He liked himself,
Perhaps a bit too much.
But that’s the trait of many people,
Why choose him,
And not the others?

He was my mentor and a guide,
Introduced me to the ladies,
He took me out to fashion shops,
To dress me neatly with respect.

Oh brother, brother,
I will keep your legacy alive,
I will dress richly,
And show off,
We proud of what we have achieved.

I looked at him,
With so much sorrow,
And flew towards his shoulder.

My dear brother,
And a friend,
Pick up your funny hat,
I must confess to you my pal,
That pride and jealousy,
Have killed me.

I left him there alone,
Together with his thoughts,
I’m sure he didn’t hear me,
However, hope he did.
Because that’s the biggest lesson,
That I could ever give.

Brother’s Tale. Can’t live on pride alone.

Please let me know what you think of the poem on Twitter @FischerVladimir

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